Go Green:

Toys and Games Industry

If you are interested in steering your dollars away from irresponsible companies ...

Buy fair trade toys

Search the National Green Pages™.

Find the best toys for your tots

By being mindful about the toys you choose, you'll save money, keep toxins out of the playroom, and help workers around the world. Read more.

Buy used toys and games

Check out your local consignment shop for gently used toys and games. As with any toy purchase, make sure to look for age appropriate items that do not pose choking hazards or other possible injuries.

Encourage children to play outdoors and use their imaginations

Research from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that children ages 8-18 spend a little over 6 hours per day using electronic media including TV, music, computers, and video games. Work to ensure that your children spend time reading, playing outdoors, drawing, painting, making music, or engaging in some other form of self expression.

Educate yourself and others about toys and violence

The Lion and the Lamb Project works to stop the marketing of violence to children. Check out their web site for a list of toys to avoid.