Go Green:


if you want to avoid shopping at irresponsible companies...

Switch to a Local Green Power Provider

Many states now have green power options. Click here to search for for the green power options in your state. The US Department of Energy’s web site offers information about green power that can help you find what you need.

Join our Climate Change Campaign

Encourage major utilities to invest in renewable power, not coa

Take the Six Steps to Renewable Energy

Before you make an investment in renewable energy, there are six simple steps you should follow to make your transition easy and your investment pay off.

Buy Carbon Offsets

With Native Energy, for just a few pennies per day, you can offset the impact of your own energy use – at home, work, or through car and air travel - with certified carbon dioxide offsets from clean Native American wind turbines.

Through NativeEnergy Green America has now offset its second year of carbon dioxide pollution from powering and heating its business offices. Learn more.