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9/13/2010 Green America, others issue report on Hershey's chocolate sourcing
A report issued by Green America, Global Exchange, ILRF and Oasis USA, shed light on problems in Hershey's supply chain, including child labor on chocolate farms, and the company's unwillingness to address these issues.
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2/18/2010 Green America releases new report detailing recycling on airplanes.
Green America looked at the recycling programs of eleven of the nation's most traveled airlines. What we found may surprise you. Read about your favorite airline's recycling practices and take our survey to help us determine if airlines are actually doing what they say they do in the air.
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3/31/2009 General Motors gets new CEO; says bankruptcy likely
Rick Wagoner stepped down as CEO of General Motors under pressure from President Obama and handed the reigns over to the Chief Operating Oficer, Frederick Henderson, who will act as interim CEO and admits that bankruptcy is probabl. Read article>>
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2/3/2009 General Motors announces it will offer buyouts to hourly emplyees as part of cost-cutting measures.
The buyouts consist of a one-time $20,000 cash payment and a $25,000 car voucher. The buyouts will be offered to 22,000 hourly employees and union employees. The buyouts are part of cost-cutting measures by GM in an effort to regain viability. Read article>>
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1/5/2009 Dynegy announces it will not build 4 of 6 planned coal-fired power plants.
Citing an uncertain economy and regulatory pressures--thanks in large part to environmental organizations pushing for stricter emissions standards--Dynegy CEO Bruce Williamson announced his company was dissolving its relationship with LS Power Associates with whom it had plans to build 6 new coal-fired power plants. Read report>>
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12/23/2008 Wal-Mart agrees to settle 63 lawsuits for at least $352 million.
The big-box giant has ageed to pay at least $352 million and as much as $640 to settle 63 lawsuits from around the country alleging the company violated US labor laws by forcing employees to work overtime, erasing hours from time cards, and denying workers lunch breaks. Read report>>
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11/24/2008 Apple, other computer/electronics companies praised, criticized in Greenpeace's "Guide to Greener Electronics."
Scoring poorly for its e-waste programs and highly for its compliance with Energy Star standards, Apple's score on Greenpeace’s annual “Guide to Greener Electronics” actually went up, it’s ranking dropped. Read report>>
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10/13/2008 Nestlé threatens to sue Miami-Dade county.
Miami-Dade county in Florida aired public serves messages telling people that the county’s public tap water was cheaper, safer, and purer than bottled water. In response, Nestlé threatened to sue the county. Read article>>
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7/30/08 Official relaunch of the revamped and expanded Responsible Shopper. " informs concerned consumers about problem corporate practices, action campaigns and ways to live greener in relation to more than 150 major consumer companies. In a major enhancement of the Web site, now ranks companies in 27 industry categories from best to worst based on research focusing on such key issues as human rights, social justice, environmental sustainability and more."
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