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Economic action to end sweatshop and forced child labor


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Guide to Ending Sweatshops
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Our Guide to Ending Sweatshops

Here at Green America, we embrace the human connections that come embedded in every product that we buy, and reject the idea that anything we buy should come embedded with human suffering.

We focus on using the engine of the global economy to power social and environmental progress – so we can know that the things we buy are good for both people and the planet.  We call this the “green economy,” a system that always includes both social and economic justice, both community and environmental health.

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In a globalized economy, the supply chain – all the steps that go into delivering a product from a worker’s hands to yours – can be very hard to follow.  While most of us would never want to buy products that depend on exploitation at the point of production, too often the evidence we have to go on at the point of purchase is slim.

That’s why we’ve produced this guide.  We want to make it easier for you to avoid the worst companies, reward the best, and take action to keep sweatshop labor out of the supply chain. 

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In this guide, we give you tips and resources for shifting your spending to sweat-free companies, demanding corporate responsibility from the worst offenders, and mobilizing with others to take a stand for fair labor conditions.  Thanks for downloading our guide.  It’s great to be working with you to end sweatshops and child labor across the supply chain.