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Creating a Healthy Home
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Spring 2008
Heal Your Home: The Case for Precaution

Heal Your HomeMany people have a misplaced faith in the government's ability to protect us and our environment from toxic products. However, as evidenced by the recent news reports about lead in children’s toys made in China, and in several trusted brands of lipsticks still sold today in US stores, it's up to us to be vigilant about he chemicals we bring into our homes. Our Green American helps you keep your family safe.  Read "The Case for Precaution " »

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Web Exclusive: In our online supplements to the print magazine, we give you information about what to do about toxins in schools and resources for cleaning greener at work.

• Toxic terms: Our online glossary helps you understand the threats posed by a number of common chemicals found in household products.

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Look for Earth-friendly School Supplies
Some conventional school supplies contain toxins that can harm young children. Others are environmentally wasteful. Read More »

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