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Energy Efficiency




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Efficiency at Home
• Ask the Expert: How Effective are Energy Audits?
• Efficient Buildings: Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change
• Selling Watts or Negawatts

Summer 2008
Efficiency First!

Efficiency First!Energy efficiency can get us 50 percent of the way toward the carbon-reduction targest needed to curb the worst effects of climate change (and we'll save money too). It sounds like a daunting task, but it's not. For example, when the residents of Juneau, Alaska, were recently faced with a surprise energy shortage, they managed to reduce their energy use by 30 percent in only two weeks. We can all follow their lead. Let's get started now.   Read "Efficiency First!" »

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Web Exclusive: In our online supplements to the print Quarterly, we give you a primer on how electricity works, explain the eco-impacts of various electricity sources, and take a close look at how buildings consume energy.

• Efficiency at Home: Our 23 Steps Toward Energy Efficiency are broken down into three categories to help you take the simplest steps today, and beginning planning for even greater energy efficiency tomorrow.

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Shrink Your Impact, Offset the Rest
Once you've achieved your maximum energy efficiency, offset your remaining carbon emissions. Read More »

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