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Beautiful bi-monthly, 4-color, magazine. Green American Magazine is the perfect way to be in front of 80,000-100,000 green consumers. Issues are also available online, and include interactive ads
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Issues in 2013:

Climate Action: Bob Massie, Bill McKibben, and Jeremy Rifkin explore climate actions, divesting from fossil fuels. Clean Energy Victory Bonds how to get involved now; Real Green Living: Green Spas; Real Green Investing: Native American and Indigenous Communities. Reserve by December 1

GMO Sugar/Sweeteners: What’s bad for people & planet. Real Green Living: Herbal Wellness Gardens; Real Green Investing: Responsible Credit Cards. Reserve by March 1

End Corporate Personhood: Working against Citizens United, Green America’s corporate accountability work, Break Up With Your Bank campaign, fossil-fuel divestment campaign, support triple-bottom-line green businesses. Real Green Living: Sustainable Seafood/GMO Fish; Real Green Investing: Microcredit. Reserve by June 1

Green transportation: Options for hybrids, electric, MPG, and bicycling. Real Green Living: Top green cell-phone apps; Real Green Investing: Responsible Mortgages. Reserve by August 1

Food: Strategies and tips on meatless diets. Real Green Living: Green Holidays; Real Green Investing
. Reserve by October 1

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