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PAGE 4: Green America Calls for Labels on GM Foods
PAGE 5: Keystone XL: The Fight Continues
PAGE 6: Spring Cleaning with Ed Begley, JR.
PAGE 8: Use Your Shareholder Power for Good
PAGE 10: New Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Site Launches
PAGE 12:From Dirt to Shirt in North Carolina
PAGE 13: The Case Against "FrankenFood"
PAGE 14: GMOs and Allergies, Irritable Bowels, and Birth Defects
PAGE 17: Bitter Seeds: The Human Toll of GMOs
PAGE 18: The Undying Weeds: Hooked on Pesticides
PAGE 19: Who Requires Labels?
PAGE 20: 9 GM Ingredients to Avoid
PAGE 21: 6 non-GMO Grocery Shopping Tips
PAGE 21: What's Next for GMOs?
PAGE 22: DIY Green Cleaners and More

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April/May 2012

Break Up With Your Mega BankGenetically modified foods are bad for our health, the environment, and farmers worldwide. In the US, more than 94 percent of the soy crop, 95 percent of the sugar-beet crop, and 88 percent of the corn crop are genetically modified.

Because of the prevalence of soy, corn, and sugar in processed foods, more than 30,000 GM food products sit on US grocery shelves unlabeled. This issue lays out the case against GMOs, and shows you how to keep them off your plate.

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Featured Articles:

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Jeffrey Smith
Tracy Fernandez Rysavy speaks with anti-GMO activist and Green Festival speaker Jeffrey Smith. Read more »

What Countries Require Labeling?
The US does not require GMO labeling, but many other countries around the world do. Read more »

9 GM Ingredients to Avoid
These are the top GM ingredients to watch out for on your plate. Read more »


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