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PAGE 4: "Monsanto Protection Act" Passes Congress
PAGE 5: Hershey Unveils "21st Century Cocoa Plan"
PAGE 6: Responsible Credit Cards
PAGE 8:Herbs for the Health of It
PAGE 11: New Study Says Green Business is Good Business
PAGE 12: National Geographic Admits Recycled Paper is Best (Finally!)
PAGE 14: Sweet, Seductive, and Deadly
PAGE 16: 9 Tips for Kicking the Sugar Habit
PAGE 18: Making Sugar Fair (and GMO-Free)
PAGE 19: FrankenSugar
PAGE 20: The Skinny on ALternative Sweeteners
PAGE 22: Give Me Five Days

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April/May 2013
Sickeningly Sweet

Break Up With Your Mega BankYou no doubt know about sugar's contribution to obesity and diabetes -- but new research tells the increasingly alarming story about how sugar is at the root of many major illnesses, from Alzheimer's to cancer to heart disease and stroke.

Researching this issue inspired our editorial team to detox from sugar. To join with us in giving sugar the boot, check out our "how to" entries at

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9 Tips for Kicking the Sugar Habit
Avoid soda, juice, and artificial sweeteners; eat breakfast; exercise; and more. Read more »

The Skinny on Alternative Sweeteners
Many people are turning to alternative sweeteners to replace sugar. Are they safer? Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Monsanto's Sugar Beets
How Monsanto's sugar beets grew larger than the law. Read more »


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