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Also in this issue:
Following the Waste Stream
• Environmental Justice for All
Let Green America Help You Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
• 8 Great Ways to Choose to Reuse
21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle
Green America Resolves Your Recycling Quandaries
Zero-Waste Large Events: The Green Festival
• Saved by Zero: An Interview with Bill McDonough
• The Perils of eWaste
• Stop Plastic Bottle Waste
• From Analog to Digital: An eWaste Nightmare

Fall 2007
Getting to Zero Waste

Getting to Zero Waste We tackle our throwaway society's waste problem in this issue of the Green American. Inside you'll find articles explaining the difference between "downcycling" and true recycling, strategies for keeping toxic waste out of the most vulnerable communities, and information about the connection between getting to zero waste and stopping climate change. (Plus, check out the story of Green America's own zero-waste event, the Green Festival.)

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Featured Articles:

21 Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle

Answering Your Recycling Quandaries
1. If my recycling gets picked up in the same truck as trash, is it really being recycled?

2. Is a biodegradable product better than a conventional product if they both end up in a landfill?

3. If I put the wrong number plastic in my bin, will it mess up the whole batch?

This issue's Web Exclusive
Interviews with Van Jones and Robert Bullard, true tales of Green Americans getting to zero waste, a special report on medical waste, and our reading list.

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Finding Used Items Online
Save resources from the landfill, and get what you need for free by swapping, borrowing, and bartering online. Read More »

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