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FALL 2007

Green America helps you
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

RecyclingWe’ve pulled together some of our favorite resources to help you reduce your waste and keep unwanted items
in circulation.

• Avoid plastic bottle waste by using a water filter at home instead of buying bottled water. For more on how to choose a water filter that’s far better than bottled water for your health and the Earth, see our Real Green article.

• The magazine industry harvests more than 30 million trees every year for paper—that’s more than one tree every second. Green America’s Magazine PAPER program works to encourage magazine publishers to switch to recycled papers. Find out how you can help.

• Don’t just throw your old clothes away. Read our Real Green article to help you "Find New Life for Old Clothes."

• Reduce waste at your next celebration by following the advice in our Real Green article, “Green Weddings and More.”

• When it comes time to get rid of some of your old items, have a yard sale and make some money while putting them into the hands of people who can use them. Learn our “Secrets to Yard Sale Success."

• For information on how to save forests by wasting less wood and buying sustainable wood-based products, see our Forests: Situation Critical issue of Green American, downloadable as a PDF from our archive.

Set up a worm composter, and turn your kitchen scraps into garden gold—even if you live in an apartment.

• For info on why a switch from paper to cloth diapers makes your baby safer and uses less waste, see our Real Green article.

• Instead of buying new cleaners for your home and tossing the bottles out after a single use, get a batch of reusable bottles and clear your home’s indoor air by making your own green cleaning
products. Our “Ten Steps to Clean Green” Real Green article shows you how to make everything from bathroom scrubs to window cleaners to all-purpose cleaning sprays, with ten easy-to-find ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

• Avoid wasteful products and invest in alternatives that are good for people and the planet by checking out our list of Ten Things you Should Never Buy Again.

• If you need some incentives to use less plastic, read how plastics can harm the environment and your health in our Real Green article, “Greener Paths for Plastics.”

• Find ways to creatively keep your used books in circulation in our Real Green article.



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