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Also in this issue:
• Live Simply and Use Less
Get What You Need Without Money
• Connect with Neighbors
• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Buy Green and Local
• Buy Fair Trade
• Green Your Food Choices
• Put Efficiency First
Advance Green Energy
• Stop Dirty Energy
• Rethink Your Transportation
• Protect the World's Poor from Climate Change
• Know What Your Purchases are Funding
Stop Sweatshops and Child Labor
• Advance Environmental Justice
• Support Green Jobs
• Be WoodWise
• Choose Least-Toxic Products
Screen Your Investments
• Invest in Communities
• Join Shareholder Actions
• Give Generously
• Foster Peace
• Use Your Voice
• Educate Others

Fall 2008
25 Ways to Green the World

25 Ways to Green the World Our 25 years of working for a greener America has resulted in a wealth of solutions that work for people and the planet.  This issue of the Co-op America Quarterly (our final issue before changing the name of our magazine to Green American in 2009) pulls 25 of those solutions together in one guide, as well as featuring a timeline of our work together since 1983.

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Featured Articles:

25 Ways to Go Green:
This issue of our magazine gives you green-economy solutions across a range of categories, such as "living lightly" (Get What You Need Without Money), "growing the green economy" (Buy Green and Local), "healing the planet" (Advance Green Energy), "advancing social justice" (Stop Sweatshops and Child Labor), and "investing responsibly" (Screen Your Investments).

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Investing in Green Energy
You can invest in green businesses working to increase US renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. Read More »

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