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FALL 2008

Screen Your Investments

INvestingWhen Joe Tarver’s grandson Carter was born, he wanted to start saving for him right away. But he wanted to know that the money he was putting away would help create a healthy and just world for Carter to grow up in. So he screened his investments to make sure they were part of the growing world of socially responsible investing (SRI).

Joe and Carter
Joe Tarver screened his investments for his grandson, to make sure they work for the kind of world he wants Carter to live in.

“Screening” means creating an investment portfolio that reflects your values by excluding some companies and including others based on social and/or environmental criteria. You can easily steer your stocks, mutual funds, and other investments towards companies looking for green solutions.

SRI investors seek out stocks from profitable companies with strong environmental policies, a record of positive community involvement, respect for human rights around the world, respectable employee relations, safe and useful products, and more. They’ll exclude stock in companies that fall short in these areas, or companies whose main line of business is out of touch with their values, such as weapons manufacturers or tobacco companies.

Perhaps the easiest way to screen part of your portfolio is to invest in SRI mutual funds, which are screened for you by fund managers. To find out about the specific screens socially responsible mutual fund managers use—and whether the fund meets your financial as well as social goals—be sure ask for the fund’s prospectus.

Investments that are good for people and the planet can help your pocketbook; SRI mutual funds perform as well as their conventional counterparts over the long term, according to studies by the Social Investment Forum.

Today’s investments are tomorrow’s products and services. Like Joe Tarver, use your investments to create a secure future for your family and a better world for them to live in.

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