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• Race, Poverty, and Transportation
31 Ways to Wlk More, Bike More
Biking Made Easy
When You Drive, Go Electric!
• Take Back Your Neighborhood
Four High-Impact Ways to Work with City Leaders

Fall 2009
Reclaiming the Streets

25 Ways to Green the WorldAs our editor, Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, discovered while researching this issue of the Green American, not a single US city made into the top tiers of the most recent global surveys of the “most liveable cities.” The reason? Most US cities lag behind the major cities of other developed countries in thinking of transportation collectively and planning for greener options, like public transportation, walking, and biking. It's time to change that – in our own lives and in our communities.

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Web exclusive:
Find our "car lite" worksheet here, along with how to start a bike-share program, an FAQ on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and more »

When you Drive, Go Electric:
Some electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are available now, with more coming in 2010. Here’s a sampling of what is out there now, and what we have to look forward to as the auto world finally moves into the 21st century »

Biking Made Easy:
As more and more people are pedaling their way to a car-lite way of life, crafty green businesses are developing innovative new gadgets for bicycles and for bikers, making a bike-centric life more possible than ever »

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Carpool for the Climate and Community
Share rides to work, school, worship, and more to cut pollution and build community. Read More »

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