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Reclaiming the Streets

Use the following "Web exclusive" articles from our Fall Green American magazine to help you walk more, bike more, and reclaim the streets:

• Calculate how much money you’ll save by walking, biking, or taking transit to
your most frequent driving destinations by using our Car-Lite Worksheet.

• Read how Mollie Gore helped create Santee-Cooper’s innovative employee car-pooling program.

Start a bike share for people who can’t afford bicycles or who just want to try one out for a day. Eric Cornwell talks about how he founded the Athens Yellow Bike Taxi Service.

• Learn how Phoenix bikes refurbishes old bikes while helping at-risk teens.

• Find out how mixed-use zoning can help your city become more walkable and bikeable.

• Got questions about electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles? Senior writer Sarah Tarver-Wahlquist answers the ones we get the most in the Green America offices.





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