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PAGE 4: Cancun Climate Agreements: More Progress Needed
PAGE 5: Toys 'R' Us Continues Selling "Poison Plastic" Toys
PAGE 6: Valentine Chocolates Tainted by Child Labor
PAGE 8: Dialogue: A Powerful Shareholder Strategy
PAGE 9 : SRI Shareholder Votes Hit Record Highs
PAGE 11: gDiapers: the People's Choice for Green Business of the Year
PAGE 11: Canvas Dreams Wins Green Business Leadership Award
PAGE 12: Resolve to Take Action for a Green Economy in 2011
PAGE 14: Danger Calling?
PAGE 16: Our Interview with Dr. Devra Davis
PAGE 17: 11 Ways to Protect Yourself
PAGE 18: Kucinich to Introduce Cell Phone Bill
PAGE 19: Who's Most at Risk?
PAGE 21: Why It's Vital to Recycle That Cell Phone
PAGE 22: Appleton Papers Announces BPA-Free Receipt "Label"

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January/February 2011
Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

Organic or Local?When we wrote about the city of San Francisco's recent cell-phone radiation precautions in the Nov/Dec 2010 Green American, not all of our readers and members were thrilled. And not all took the warnings seriously.

So for the Jan/Feb 2011 issue, we decided to tackle the subject in depth. Editor Tracy Fernandez Rysavy says she expected to turn up "inconclusive evidence ... that people should be a bit careful about talking on a cell for hours a day." Then she dug into the research, and what she found was truly frightening.

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Featured Articles:

Our Interview With Dr. Devra Davis
Dr. Davis's new book, Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family may put her in the history books as the 21st century's Rachel Carson."
Read more »

Dialogue: A Powerful Shareholder Strategy
Institutional investors often hold stock in "borderline" companies, so they can use a shareholder dialogue strategy to encourage greater corporate responsibility. Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fine-print warnings & stickers
Our allies at the Environmental Health Trust have a wealth of resources to keep you informed about the potential health risks of cell phones, including the phone companies' fine print, reminder stickers for your cell phone. Read more »

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