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PAGE 4: Carcinogens and Other Toxins Hidden in Household Cleaners
PAGE 4: Cell Phone Industry Sues San Francisco
PAGE 6: 21 Days to Financial Freedom
PAGE 8: Managing Stress With Herbal Support
PAGE 8: Giving Circles: Make Your Change Multiply
PAGE 11: Native American Natural Foods Wins Innovation Award
PAGE 11: CA, NY Pass Benefit Corporation Laws
PAGE 12: Ray Anderson Receives Green America Lifetime Achievement Award
PAGE 13: Green America Tells the FDA: Label GMO Food
PAGE 14: A Tale of Two Banks
PAGE 16: What Mega-Banks Spend Money On
PAGE 16: A Green American Writes to the BoA CEO
PAGE 17: How to Choose Your New Banking Partner
PAGE 18: 10 Easy Steps: How to Break Up
PAGE 19: Break-Up FAQ
PAGE 20: How Jennifer Broake Up With Her Bank
PAGE 21: 7 Ways to Cheat on Your Mega-Bank
PAGE 22: Taking the Plastic Challenge

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January/February 2012
Break Up With Your Mega-Bank

Break Up With Your Mega BankWhen you put your money into your checking or savings account, you might imagine it stacked up inside a giant, Hollywood-style walk-in safe, patiently waiting for you to spend it. But your money doesn't just sit there, your bank puts it to work in the world.

And if you have your accounts with a mega-bank like Citigroup, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo, you might not like what your money is doing. Our latest Green American gives you the tools to kick your mega-bank — and all of its predatory, unsustainable practices — to the curb.

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How Jennifer Broke Up With Her Mega-Bank
One Green American's story of ditching Bank of America in favor of a community credit union.
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7 Ways to Cheat on Your Mega-Bank
Can't break up completely just yet? Find credit cards, CDs, IRAs, and more through community banks. Read more »

GREEN LIVING: Using Herbs to Cope With Stress
Find organic, all-natural ways to soothe your nerves, without resorting to medication. Read more »


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