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PAGE 4: Green America Launches GMO Inside Campaign
PAGE 5: Coal Plants Disproportionately Impact People of Color
PAGE 6: How to Go Nontoxic at the Salon
PAGE 8:Investing in Indigenous Communities
PAGE 11: GBN Members Reeling from Sandy
PAGE 12: Green America Targets Gap Over Black Friday Fire
PAGE 13: Scaling Up CEVBs for 2013
PAGE 14: Putting the Big Squeeze on Big Oil, Gas, and Coal
PAGE 16: Can the Miracle Work Again? (An Interview with Bob Massie)
PAGE 20: How to Invest Fossil-Fuel-Free
PAGE 22: Chasing Ice, Opening Minds

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Jan/Feb 2013
Putting the Big Squeeze
on Big Oil, Coal, & Gas

Break Up With Your Mega BankIn the 1980s, the financial industry said that divesting from companies doing business in South Africa was unreasonable. But people of conscience who didn't want to profit from oppression divested anyway.

Fast forward to 2013. We have another issue of global impact where government is failing to lead, and where people of conscience may choose to divest -- the climate crisis.

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Putting the Big Squeeze on Big Oil, Gas, & Coal
Editor-in-chief Tracy Fernandez Rysavy explains the climate divestment movement. Read more »

How to Invest Fossil-Fuel-Free
Online editor Andrew Korfhage points you toward fossil-free and clean-energy-focused mutual funds. Read more »

Answers to Common Divestment Objections
What to say if your campus pushes back on divesting from fossil fuels. Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: "Why Divestment?"
Associate editor Martha van Gelder talks with eight environmental and social justice leaders about why they’re involved in the fossil fuel divestment movement. Read more »


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