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In this issue...
PAGE 2: 4 Easy Steps to Get GMOs Off Your Plate
PAGE 3: Strange Bedfellows Unite Against GMOs
PAGE 4: Victory! General Mills Removes GMOs from Cheerios
PAGE 5: Indigenous Rights Affect Financial Performance
PAGE 6: Wild Times: An Interview with Sir David Attenborough
PAGE 9: Green America to EPA: Regulating Coal Plants is Good for Business
PAGE 10: Introducing Green America's Fossil-Fuel Divestment Guide
PAGE 10: Green America to Godiva: Go Fair Trade!
PAGE 11: Combating Dominion Energy's Fracking Deal
PAGE 12: GMOs & the Case for Precaution
PAGE 16: Uncovering Deadly Research Suppression and Bias Toward Biotech
PAGE 19: Farmers vs. the Corporate Seed Police
PAGE 20: 4 Big Problems With GMOs
PAGE 22: The Good Children of Bad Parents

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In the Current Issue:
GMOs & the Case for Precaution

Climate DivestmentWhether it's GMOs, pesticides, or other experiments that affect our health, why don't we require corporations to wait for science to prove safety?

Aren't we better safe than sorry? Read "GMO's & the Case for Precaution" »

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A Farmer Struggles to Remain GMO-Free

George Naylor has been growing non-GMO corn and soy on his Iowa farm since 1976. Read more »

A Biologist Fights Back Against Big Biotech
A scientist discusses her research into stronger, better hybrid seeds, how they compare to GMOs, and how biotech companies blocked her. Read more »

4 Big Problems With GMOs
Even as science works to determine the safety of GMOs for human consumption, there are other issues at stake with biotechnology.
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Fifty to sixty percent of US sugar comes from sugar beets—and almost all of that is GM. Read more »

Bitter Seeds: The Human Toll of GMOs
Every 30 minutes, a farmer commits suicide in India, a rate that has been rising since the 1970s. Read more »

6 Non-GMO Shopping Tips
In the absence of GMO labels, here are our best tips for avoiding GMOs when you shop: Read more »

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