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It's Only Fair
• Do You Live in a Fair Trade Town?
• How to Support Fair Trade
• Long Overdue Chemical Reform
• Navajo Nation Demands Green Jobs
• Earth-Friendly School Supplies
How New Credit Card Rules Can Help You

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July/August 2010
Fair Trade Boom

25 Ways to Green the WorldA decade ago, coffee was the only Fair Trade product available in the US, and it was hard to find. Today shoppers can easily find a wide range of Fair Trade products in stores, with more to come.

Globally, Fair Trade sales hit the $5 billion mark last year, helping more than one million producers (and more than five million family members) lift themselves economically.

In the 1990s, the organic market skyrocketed. Our editors tackle the question of whether Fair Trade is poised for the same growth in this decade.

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Featured Articles:

It's Only Fair
Meet Fair Trade producers, learn how to avoid child and forced labor in everyday products, and get connected to the boom in Fair Trade activism.
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How New Credit Card Rules Can Help You
New rules designed to protect credit card users may trigger increased interest rates and fees -- and may also help you use your cards more wisely. Read more »

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The Sweet Side of Fair Trade
Fair Trade white, brown, and powdered sugar is now widely available. Buy it to help protect sugar farmers and the environment. Read More »

Greening School Fundraisers
If your school or community group needs to raise some cash, think about selling Fair Trade and eco-friendly goods from the greenest businesses. Read More »

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