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PAGE 4: Van Jones: Rebuild the Dream
PAGE 5: FDA: Nanoparticles May Be Hazardous
PAGE 6: The Many Benefits of Backyard Chickens
PAGE 8: Investors Create Healthy Communities
PAGE 10: Clean Energy Victory Bonds Site Launches
PAGE 11: Shareholder Season Wrap-Up
PAGE 12: Introducing Our People & Planet Awards
PAGE 13: How to Save the Planet One Outfit at a Time
PAGE 14: The Hands That Make Our Clothes
PAGE 16: Three Shades of Green: Green Clothing Corporations
PAGE 17: Independent Certified Green Businesses
PAGE 19: Secondhand Clothing
PAGE 20: Fabrics and Labels to Look For
PAGE 22: Does Drought-Resistant = GMO?

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July/August 2012
Green Fashion

Break Up With Your Mega BankIn 2011, US clothing sales totaled more than $329 billion. That's 329 billion reasons to stop buying conventional clothing and turn to green fashion -- whether you take to the sewing machine to update the clothes you already have, buy used, organize clothing swaps, or choose from the beautiful collections of fashion-forward green companies.

Our latest Green American shows you more about what's at stake with your clothing choices, and points you toward the green businessess that are taking green fashion mainstream.

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Featured Articles:

Green Fabrics and Labels to Look For
Avoid toxic dyes and finishes, unsustainable fabrics, and sweatshop labor.
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Global Mamas Interview
We interview a seamstress with a Fair Trade producer of organic cotton clothing in Ghana. Read more »

GREEN LIVING: Backyard Chickens
Get fresh eggs from humanely treated chickens and get great waste for garden fertilizer too. Read more »

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Finding New Life for Old Clothes
Extend the usefulness of your old clothes—or trade them for new-to-you items. Read More »

Fire Your Clothes Dryer
Save money on your energy bill, and take better care of your favorite clothes.
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