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PAGE 4: Activists Working to Improve Walmart Suppliers Face Possible Death Sentence
PAGE 5: Shareholders Target Coca-Cola for BPA Use
PAGE 5: Cell Phone Industry Sues San Francisco
PAGE 6: A Store Where Everything is Free
PAGE 8: Top Financial Tips for New College Grads
PAGE 11: Two Magazines Win Aveda Environmental Awards
PAGE 13: Plastic Bag Companies Sue ChicoBag
PAGE 14: Good Food: Now Serving Everyone
PAGE 15: Many Yards Make a Farm
PAGE 16: Lifting Up Food Deserts
PAGE 18: Making Veggies Cool for Kids
PAGE 18: A Zero-Waste Food System
PAGE 19: Inspired? 9 Ways to Support Sustainable Food
PAGE 20: Seattle Changes the System

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June July 2011
Good Food Gone Local

Organic or Local?Industrial agriculture is the world's largest industry, and one of the most destructive. As we reach for climate solutions, we can't afford to be growing mega-farms of petro-chemical-dependent crops.

This issue of the Green American explores how all across the country, local communities are developing food systems that protect our food, farm workers, animals, soil, air, and water from chemicals and pesticides, all without the enormous carbon footprint of shipping food around the world.

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Featured Articles:

9 Ways to Support Sustainable Food
Find links for sustainable food resources: compost how-tos, CSA directories, local food clubs, urban-gardening advice, and more. Read more »

Lifting Up Food Deserts
The Growing Power urban farm and education center brings local food to underserved communities in Milwaukee and Chicago.
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: City Farm Slideshow
Green America's Web developer Shireen Karimi introduces you to the Common Good City Farm where she volunteers. Read more »


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