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PAGE 4: The BP Oil Catastrophe and Human Health
PAGE 5: Canada Bans BPA
PAGE 5: Here Comes the Volt!
PAGE 6: Community Investing Banks and the Downturn
PAGE 8: Green Gifts
PAGE 10: Energy Efficiency: The Magic Bullet
PAGE 11: The Federal Stimulus and Energy Efficiency
PAGE 12: POSTER: 10 Easiest Ways to Cut Your Energy Use in Half
PAGE 14: Comprehensive Energy Audit Will Hunt Biggest Gains
PAGE 15: Involve Your Community
PAGE 17: "Passive House," Aggressive Savings
PAGE 19: Introducing the Green America Exchange (GAEx)

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November/December 2010
Efficiency First!

Organic or Local?To curb the climate crisis, increase national security, and avoid economic disaster as peak oil looms, it's time to accelerate energy efficiency.

Green America's simple, doable proposition is this: Let's each cut our energy use by 50 percent in the next five years -- just ten percent per year. Sound ambitious? The city of Juneau, AK, nearly reached that threshold in just four weeks. Our magazine walks you through tips for how to do this yourself, including the popular article "Ten Easiest Ways to Cut Your Energy Use in Half."

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Featured Articles:

Energy Efficiency: The Magic Bullet
As Jimmy Carter said in 1979: "We often think of conservation in terms of sacrifice. In fact, it is the most painless and immediate way of rebuilding our nation's strength."
Read more »

Community Investing Banks and the Downturn
Your money is safe at a community investing bank, where it provides much-needed financial services to communities that need it the most. Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Green America switch covers
Remind your family, officemates, and others to turn off unused lights with these lightswitch covers. Download [PDF] »

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Fire Your Clothes Dryer
Reduce your energy use (and your utility bill) by air-drying your clothes as often as possible. Read More »

CFLs and LEDs: The Best Bulbs
CFL and LED bulbs are more efficient, so you’ll save money and energy. Read More »

Three Steps to Super-Efficient Windows
Repair or restore your wood-framed windows and you can reduce your energy bill and add decades to the life of your windows. Read More »

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