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Nov/Dec 2010 -- Web Exclusive

Efficiency First!

Energy efficiency is the closest thing we have to a magic bullet to help clear the air, curb the climate crisis, increase national security, and avoid economic disaster as peak oil looms.

We hope this library of efficiency articles helps you to take action to reduce your carbon footprint. You can cut your energy use in half in five years!

How the Morales Gaskin Family Went Solar
The story of how one family took advantage of federal and local rebates and solar renewable energy credits to go solar at home at no cost. Read More »


CFLs and LEDs: The Best Bulbs
CFL and LED bulbs are more efficient, so you’ll save money on your energy bill. Help reduce your home and office global warming footprint and conserve energy. Read More »


Is a Green Roof Right for You?
Green roofs can save energy and more than double the life of your existing roof.  They reduce pollution and absorb airborne toxins and carbon dioxide. Read More »


Fire Your Clothes Dryer
Make this the year you reduce your energy use (and your utility bill) by air-drying your clothes as often as possible. Read More »


Investing in Green Energy
You can invest in green businesses working to increase US renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. Read More »


Buying the Best Appliances
By choosing high-efficiency appliances over conventional models you can save on your energy bills and drastically lower your carbon emissions. Read more »


Three Steps to Super-Efficient Windows
Repair or restore your wood-framed windows instead of replacing them, and you can save money, reduce your energy bill, and add decades to the life of your windows. Read more »


Energy-Efficiency Shopping Spree
Green America writer Joshua Marks takes you on a shopping spree on his blog that will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Read more »


A Greener School Through Recycling and Efficiency
Students at a Washington, DC school make "Sustainability Week" a year-round commitment. Read more »


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