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PAGE 4: Chevy Volt Earns Accolades
PAGE 4: Solar Industry Thrives Despite Solyndra
PAGE 5: BPA in Canned Foods Marketed to Children
PAGE 6: Top Ten "People's Choice" for Green Gifts
PAGE 8: Giving Circles: Make Your Change Multiply
PAGE 10: Green America protests Keystone XL Pipeline • PAGE 11: Free Green Pages apps
PAGE 12: Could You Go Plastic-Free?
PAGE 15: Q & A: Recycling Plastics
PAGE 16: TerraCycle Gives "Unrecyclables" New Life
PAGE 16: Bag Bans Take on Big Plastic
PAGE 17: 20 Plastic Things You Didn't Know You Could Recycle
PAGE 18: 11 Easy Ways to Kick the Plastic Habit
PAGE 20: Plastic By Numbers
PAGE 21: Inn Serendipity Publishes Seasonal Cookbook
PAGE 22: Tackling Mildew

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November/December 2011
Take the Plastics Challenge

Growing Community SolarNot all plastic is bad. Plastics have made lifesaving surgical and water filtration equipment possible, and they've been molded into integral components for solar panels, personal computers, and other devices that make our lives possible.

But our use of "stupid plastic" (single-use items destined for our landfills) is out of control. Follow along on our blog as our editors challenge themselves to stop using "stupid plastic," and check out the Green American for more on the plastics problem -- and how to solve it.

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Featured Articles:

11 Easy Ways to Kick the Plastic Habit
Ditch your plastic bags, water bottles, drinking straws, disposable toothbrush, and more.
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20 Plastic Things You Didn't Know You Can Recycle Bottle caps, fishing line, Brita filters, gift cards, plastic toys, techno-trash, yoga mats, and more. Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Bioplastics -- Benefits/Pitfalls
There’s plenty of exciting news about alternatives to petrochemical plastics, but bioplastics aren't perfect. Read more »


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Greener Paths for Plastics
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Njau Recycling
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