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PAGE 4: VICTORY! Hershey Promises to Get Child Labor Out of Its Supply Chain
PAGE 6: Investing in Our Water
PAGE 8: 5 Ways to Green Your Dog or Cat
PAGE 10: Introducing Our People & Planet Award Winners
PAGE 12: GBN Members Say No to GMOs
PAGE 13: Less Tinsel, More Joy
PAGE 14: How to Party With a Purpose
PAGE 15: Step by Step: Fair Trade House Parties
PAGE 16: Put an Eco-Twist on Tradition
PAGE 17: Real Tree or Fake?
PAGE 18: Naughty: 6 Really Terrible Gift Ideas
PAGE 20: Nice: Our Favorite Green Gifts and Traditions
PAGE 22: An Inconvenient GMO Study

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November/December 2012
Go Green for the Holidays

Break Up With Your Mega BankEco-friendly holiday celebrations are a great excuse to take another green stop in your life (think New Year's Resolutions) and also an excellent gateway to enticing your friends into greening their lives.

May your celebrations be filled with love, laughter, and all things green. Here's to less tinsel and more joy!

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