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PAGE 4: PACE Solar Funding Programs in Peril
PAGE 5: Another Reason to Eat Less Meat
PAGE 5: SF Mandates Phone-Radiation Disclosure
PAGE 6: Urban Gardening Made Easy
VIDEO WEB EXCLUSIVE: Get Started with the Garden Girl (urban gardening how-to videos)
PAGE 8: New Social Investment Opportunities
PAGE 11: New USA-made "Cotton of the Carolinas" T-shirt Line
PAGE 14: Organic or Local?
PAGE 18: Making Good Food Available to All
PAGE 19: How to do Organic on the Cheap
PAGE 21: "Organic or Conventional?": the Wallet Card

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September/October 2010
Organic or Local?

Organic or Local?You walk into the grocery store, wanting to buy some Granny Smith apples for a pie you're planning to bake. You find there are two types -- organic apples from across the country, or apples from a local farm that uses chemical pesticides and herbicides. Which do you choose?

It's a conundrum we've all faced at one time or another; in this issue, our editors consult with the experts, and offer Green America's take on this issue. (Bonus: a clip-out "Organic or Conventional" wallet card to remind you as you shop which items are most important to puchase organic.)

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Featured Articles:

Organic or Local?
Which is the best for people and the planet? And how do we make truly healthy food accessible to all? Can organics feed the world?
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Urban Gardening Made Easy
Save money on the freshest produce, avoid toxic pesticides, and experience the joy of growing your own food. (Article links to how-to videos.) Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Our Interview with Maria Rodale
Maria Rodale talks to Green America about her new book, Organic Manifesto, and what it’s going to take to change our food system. Read more »

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Food That Nourishes People and the Planet
Local, organic, and Fair Trade products can keep your food dollars away from destructive agri-businesses. Read More »

Think Globally, Can Locally
Canning local fruits and veggies will tantalize your taste buds and reduce your carbon footprint all year round. Read More »

Genetically Engineered Food: Precaution Advised
Support local farmers, buy organic, and know that your family is enjoying safe, untainted, nutritious food. Read More »

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