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In this issue...
PAGE 4: Congress Moves to Limit Toxins in US Products
PAGE 4: LG Commits to Recycle E-Waste Responsibly
PAGE 5: PACE Return Could Make Solar More Affordable
PAGE 6: Eco-friendly Children's Clothing
PAGE 8: Investing to Empower Women
PAGE 10: Hershey Campaign Gains Momentum
PAGE 11: Southern Co. the Dirtiest Utility in the US
PAGE 13: Invest in Food Deserts
PAGE 14: Solar Energy For All
PAGE 15: Solar Leases: Avoid Big Initial Costs
PAGE 16: Neighbors Get Group Discounts on Solar and Build Community
PAGE 17: 8 Ways to Afford Solar Now
PAGE 18: Community-Owned Solar Gardens
PAGE 19: The SUN Act Rises
PAGE 20: A DC Church Helps Congregants See the (Solar) Light
PAGE 21: Why Josh Barclay and Green America Say "Efficiency First!"
PAGE 22: World Health Organization: "Cell Phones May Cause Cancer"

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September/October 2011
Growing Community Solar

Growing Community SolarIt's possible to go solar without breaking the bank -- and due to the accelerating climate crisis, along with concerns over jobs and national security, it's more necessary than ever before.

While Washington bickers, it's up to us to create a critical mass of support for solar. This issue of the Green American explores how all across the country, people are joining together in community solar programs to make going solar easier and more affordable than ever.

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Featured Articles:

Solar Leases: Avoid Big Initial Costs
Solar leases are making it possible for people in several states to go solar with no money down.
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Josh Barclay Says "Efficiency First" (Expanded)
Green America member Joshua Barclay’s energy-efficient home started off with a simple question: Can solar panels power a home in cloudy Michigan? Read more »

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Mutual Funds Empower Women
Many of the SRI funds on US SIF's Performance Chart screen for diversity. The ones in this article actively invest in women's empowerment. Read more »


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