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In this issue...
PAGE 4: Nigerian Oil Cleanup Would Be the World's Largest
PAGE 5: VICTORY! Safe Chemicals Act Headed to Senate Floor
PAGE 6: Social Investing Makes a Global Impact
PAGE 8: Green Your Halloween
PAGE 11: GBN Members in the Limelight
PAGE 12: Green America at the White House
PAGE 13: Green America to Amazon: Act on Climate Change
PAGE 14: 5 Ways Cooperatives are Creating a New Economy
PAGE 15: Cooperatives Revitalize Cities in Need
PAGE 16: They Make Housing More Affordable
PAGE 17: They Transform Local Industries
PAGE 18: They Empower Working People
PAGE 19: They Help Family Farmers Thrive
PAGE 20: 7 DIY Cooperatives at Home
PAGE 22: In Favor of Prop 37 (GMO Labeling) in California

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September/October 2012
The Sharing Solution

Break Up With Your Mega BankThere’s a new generation of cooperatives taking action on serious problems in our economy.

This issue shows you how people are
cooperating to revitalize cities, create
affordable housing, scale up organic food
and clean transportation, and more. Plus,
7 DIY cooperative models for you to try at home.

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7 DIY Cooperatives at Home
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Cooperatives Revitalize Communities in Need
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Green Your Halloween
Save money and resources and build community with greener Halloween events. Read more »

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