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Also in this issue:
• The Climate Crisis: Impacts on Africa
• The Sudan Divestment Movement
• Making Trade Fair for Africa
• Microcredit: Forging Peace
• Actions for Corporate Accountability

Spring 2007
Economic Action for Africa

25 Ways to Green the WorldMany of the strategies for economic action advocated by Green America since our beginning can dramatically help lift communities in need in Africa. In this issue of our magazine, we cover strategies from Fair Trade to community investment to divestment from Sudan. Plus, below, we offer an extensive Web exclusive. We learned so much putting together this issue that we couldn't fit it all in the magazine!

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Featured Articles:

Web exclusives:

For this issue, associate editor Joelle Novey compiled an extensive Web exclusive feature, pulling together what she learned that couldn't fit in the magazine, such as the story of a Ugandan Fair Trade cooperative, activists putting pressure on corporations to be more responsible in Africa, and Divine chocolate's work in Ghana.

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The Sweet Side of Fair Trade
Fair Trade white, brown, and powdered sugar is now widely available. Buy it to help protect sugar farmers (in Africa and elsewhere) and the environment. Read More »

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