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Web Exclusive — Oil

Oil spills in the delta region of Nigeria have devastated the ecosystem, killing marine life. One spill in 2003 polluted about 615 acres.

Article: The Benefits of Biodiesel,
Real Money
, July/August 2006

Book: In the Shadow of a Saint: A Son's Journey to
Understand His Father's Legacy
, by Ken Wiwa.
Wiwa tells the story of his father, a renowned poet and
environmentalist, who campaigned to protest his people—
the Ogoni of Nigeria—against Shell Oil, and his country's

Book for young people: The Other Side of Truth,
by Beverly Naidoo.
Naidoo's historical fiction about the adventures of a pair
of Nigerian siblings abandoned in London is a good introduction
for young readers to the role of oil in Nigerian history.

Campaign: Publish What You Pay Campaign


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