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Shift Society's Underlying Values
• Redefine Growth
• Focus on Community Connections
• Leave No One Behind
• Reexamine the Structure of Money
• Grow the Existing Green Economy
• Make Green Energy the Cornerstone
• Invest Responsibly
• Solve Health Care and Social Security
• Tell the Green Economy Stories

Spring 2009
From Greed to Green

25 Ways to Green the WorldThis issue of the Green American has it all: creative thinking about how we redefine "growth" as a society, information about how community investing can be an economic soluion, new ideas about the role of currency in our economy, a bold call for a "Green New Deal" to jumpstart a green-jobs revolution, specific steps you can take to go green and save green -- and much, much more.

We spoke to leading green-economy thinkers to put this issue together, and while we couldn't fit all of what they had to say into the print magazine, we've posted our full interviews with Dr. Neva Goodwin, Dr. Bernard Lietaer, and Van Jones right here online.

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Shift Society's Underlying Values:
Meet ten Green Americans who challenged themselves to shift to thrift, and go for an entire year without buying anything new »

Time Dollars, Local Currency to Build Resiliency:
As first conceived by economist Edgar Cahn – 1998 winner of Green America's "Building Economic Alternatives Award" – "Time Dollars" are based on the idea of valuing everyone's contributions equally »

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7 Fixes From the Green Economy
Bold solutions from the green economy are the antidote to the broken economy—and can repair the damage and create a world that works for all. Read More »

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