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Efficiency First! Web Exclusive


CAQ In our Web supplements to our summer 2008 Green American, we give you a "Power Primer" on electricity, our chart explaining the different types of electricity generation, our lightswitch reminders (at right below), and the "Living Building Challenge" — as well as our recommended reading list to learn more.

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Power Primer: Electricity 101 Lightning

What is electricity? How is it generated by power plants and how does it get to my house? How is "green" electricity different, and how can energy efficiency help? We answer these questions and more in our primer on how electricity works »


How is Our Electricity Generated in the US? Plug

Right now, almost half of the electricity generated in the US comes from coal-fired power plants. Natural gas accounts for 29 percent, nuclear for 17 percent, and a growing percentage (currently 3 percent)
from green sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. Our chart explains the sources and their eco-impacts »


Buildings: Meeting the Challenge of the Climate Crisis Buildings

Buildings in the US are responsible for almost half of all energy consumption—emitting almost twice as many greenhouse gases as all of the cars on the road. As we develop a plan to tackle the climate crisis at the speed and scale necessary, we must take a close look at how our buildings consume energy »


In the "Efficiency First!" Green American, we asked you to join us in reducing energy use by 50 percent in the next five years. How are you reaching that goal? Take a minute tell us what you're doing to reduce energy use in your home, to give us ideas we didn't cover in the magazine, or to tell us how you're reaching out to people in your community.


Energy-Efficiency Reading List  

Our “Efficiency First” Green American gives you the stepping-stones for cutting your energy use by 50% in the next 5 years. For more ideas about ways to conserve energy, and for some handy how-to advise about how to improve the efficiency of your home (like adding insulation in your attic or installing a ceiling fan), check out the books in our reading list below.


The Home Energy Diet, Paul Scheckel
New Society Publishers, 2008


You Can Prevent Global Warming (and save money!): 51 Easy Ways, Jeffrey Langholz, Ph.D., and Kelly Turner; Andrew McMeel Publishing, 2003


The Carbon Buster’s Home Energy Handbook: Slowing Climate Change and Saving Money, Godo Stoyke; New Society Publishers, 2007


Save Energy, Save Money!, The Family Handyman
Reader’s Digest, 2008


Complete Guide to Reducing Energy Costs, Consumer Reports
Consumers Union of United States, 2006



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