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Practice Clothing Consciousness

"Green Tips" are simple tips you can take today to green your clothing, your home, your transportation and more! We encourage you to choose one step to get started and return for additional tips over time. If you're up for a green makeover choose a specific category from the list of Monthly Green Tips and get started!

Choose organic, natural-fiber clothing to keep pesticides out of the environment. Search the following National Green Pages™ categories for environmentally-friendly clothing options made in good working conditions:

Look for alternative fabrics made from recycled content, such as fleece made from plastic bottles.

Purchase clothing from Fair Trade businesses.

Tell companies you won't support sweatshops. Tell companies that use sweatship labor know that you will only purchase from businesses that don’t exploit workers.

Buy used clothing. Not only is it less expensive, but it also saves raw materials and energy.

Avoid dry cleaners; they use chemicals that can be dangerous to your health and the environment. Hand-wash clothes at home, or turn to wet cleaners.

Monthly Green Tips: