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Green Your Travel

"Green Tips" are simple steps you can take today to green your clothing, your home, your transportation and more! We encourage you to choose one step to get started and return for additional tips over time. If you're up for a green makeover choose a specific category from the list of Monthly Green Tips and get started!

Go on a socially responsible vacation tour and experience another culture first-hand while helping with ecological or archaeological projects.

Use public transportation. Wherever you go on vacation, try to locate public transportation instead of renting a car. It’s easy and will usually save you money.

Try to frequent locally owned hotels, shops, and restaurants so that more of your dollars stimulate the local economy.

Opt for green hotels when you can, and let lodging management know you don’t need clean sheets and towels every day.

Consider local relaxation options to save the time and resources consumed by faraway vacations. Visit nearby museums or historical sites, try out a new restaurant in your city, or treat yourself to a local spa.

Select eco-friendly getaways. When you make travel plans, use a travel agency that specializes in eco-friendly getaways.

Monthly Green Tips: