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Green Your Garden

"Green Tips" are simple steps you can take today to green your clothing, your home, your transportation and more! We encourage you to choose one step to get started and return for additional tips over time. If you're up for a green makeover choose a specific category from the list of Monthly Green Tips and get started!

Use natural insect repellents instead of chemical pesticides. Boric acid has proven to be an effective organic pesticide (use caution around kids and pets, however), while planting garlic chives around your garden will help keep aphids away.

Create rich soil by composting your organic waste, which reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.

Consider allowing a portion of your yard to return to its native state. When landscaping, try to integrate native wild flowers, shrubs, and grasses into your yard. They’ll require less watering and attract birds and insects.

Consider mowing your yard with an old-fashioned push mower, instead of a gas mower. Today’s reel mowers are lightweight, easy to handle, and produce no pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions.

Go organic in your garden. Demand is high for organic foods. Save money by growing your own!

Monthly Green Tips: