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Community Investing

Economic action to build sustainable communities worldwide


What You Can Do

Thanks to the efforts of concerned investors around the country, Green America and the Social Investment Forum, through our 1% in Communities Campaign, have helped to increase community investing dollars from $5.4 billion to $14 billion since 2001.

1. Become a community investor
It's easy. You can start today simply by shifting your checking and savings account to a community development bank or credit union. Or, for greater impact for communities, look into community development loans, microenterprise, and venture capital funds; pooled community portfolios; and mutual funds with community investment components. To find community investing options online check out the Community Investing Resource Center, or download our Investing in Communities Guide (PDF file) for free. (Call us to request free printed copies.)

2. Encourage your workplace, faith congregation, community group, or school to become community investors
Any organization or workplace needs to manage a bank account. You can help steer more capital into underserved communities by shifting your organizational saving and checking account, as well as investment funds, in to community investing. To help educate people in your organization about community investing, order copies of our Investing in Communities Guide. Download the community guide now free.

3. Encourage your mutual fund to invest in communities
Talk to your financial planner or money manager about community investing. Encourage your planner to include community investing as an option for clients, so even more people will get involved in this powerful movement. Tell them to check out the Community Investing Resource Center to learn more. They can also contact the Social Investment Forum to find resources on community investing.