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2010 Corporate Political Spending
and Lobbying Proxy Chart

Shareholders are taking the lead in pushing for greater disclosure around companies' lobbying and political contributions. If you own stock in one of the companies listed below, be sure to vote your proxies in favor of transparency and disclosure.

(For linked companies, click through to our Responsible Shopper to learn more about the company's record on social and environmental issues. Thanks to AFL-CIO, As You Sow, Ceres, and ICCR for assistance in compiling these charts.)

AIG Disclose political donations MAY 12
Goldman Sachs Disclose political donations
Lowes Disclose political donations MAY 28
Nucor Disclose political donations MAY 13
Wal-Mart Disclose political donations JUNE 4
Waste Management Disclose political donations MAY 11
Well Point Disclosure of lobbying activities MAY 18


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