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In 1982, a small group of people got together, united by a belief that we could create an economy that works for people and the planet—and Co-op America, now called Green America, was born.

This visionary group of individuals bravely put forth a revolutionary idea to Americans: “Every time you spend or invest a dollar, it goes to work in the world. Too often, it goes to support institutions and corporations that perpetuate injustice, pollute the environment, and destroy communities. But we can change that. We can use economic power to push for socially and environmentally responsible businesses ... and put our society on a more sustainable path.”

More than twenty years later, the impact of the work we do together with our members is truly phenomenal.

What makes our work unique?

  • We help people in their roles as consumers, investors, business owners, homeowners, community activists, teachers, people of faith, children and parents, to take both personal and collective action that promotes positive social and environmental progress.  Together, these people are growing the market for green products, promoting renewable energy, promoting fair wages and fair trade, and building healthy communities here and abroad.
  • We focus on economic strategies to address social and environmental problems. 
  • We help people say NO to companies that hurt people and the planet and say YES to companies that are truly making a difference.
  • We find solutions – not just problems.
  • We work on both social AND environmental issues.  We see these as completely linked.  It’s what we mean by “green.”
  • We work to stop harmful and abusive practices AND build new models for a sustainable future, such as promoting fair trade, renewable energy and community investing.
  • We work in partnership with allies to have the highest possible impact.

Over the years, we have helped millions of people use their money to create a life they can feel good about living, and to cultivate a social and environmental legacy worth leaving behind.  And we've helped these people join hands with others to help put our world on a more just and sustainable path toward the future.

Indeed, leadership for a better world will come from people like you and me. Together, we must act boldly, creatively, and with a tremendous amount of cooperation and love.  We look forward to working with you! I hope that you'll join us.

Alisa Gravitz, Executive Director

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