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Member Report 2012

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Together, we’re stopping corporate abuse.

Working for a sustainable economy also means stopping the damage corporate wrongdoing causes to workers, communities, and the environment. Thanks to you, Green America’s Corporate Responsibility program exposes abuses and demands that big business clean up its act.

In 2010 …

  • Our hard-hitting report on the dismal lack of recycling in the airline industry, “What Goes Up Must Come Down, the Sorry State of Recycling in the Airline Industry,” made news nationwide — and is leading to change in the airlines.

  • Our Responsible Shopper Program, used by millions of people, exposes the wrong-doing in 200 of America’s largest companies, and launched two of its most popular industry profiles ever — alcohol and insurance.

  • Our Better Paper Project, which helps protect forests and the climate by moving magazines onto recycled paper, just scored its 141st magazine switch. And we launched our “National Geographic — Practice What You Print” campaign, to get one of this country’s largest magazines to make the switch.

With your support in 2011, we’ll keep up the pressure on Hershey’s and National Geographic. And continue to publish ‘real’ Corporate Responsibility Reports to counter corporate greenwashing and expose unsustainable practices.


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