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Member Report 2012

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Together, we’re greening the economy and working for healthy, local communities from coast to coast.

Today’s crises are calling for a healthy economy led by real green businesses. Thanks to our work together over the past 27 years, the movement for a healthy economy is flourishing, establishing new green ways of doing business. Now is the time to scale it up!

In 2010 …

  • We provided millions of Americans with resources to green their homes, workplaces, faith congregations, and communities. We are establishing ‘shift to thrift’ as the new way forward with reuse, repair, and buying secondhand as the new status symbols!

  • We provided more ways for small, green businesses to succeed. Our Seal of Approval is the primary trust provider for eBay’s ‘World of Good’ online marketplace, where our green businesses sell over 10,000 products. And our Green Business program provides local green business with crucial information for their work.

  • Green Festival engaged over 150,000 people in five cities nationwide. Referred to as ‘the most valuable grassroots initiative’ of the year — our festivals inspire action on every level. Next year we are expanding to New York City and Los Angeles.

  • We are connecting people to green solutions through our green living program. Our “how to” series on dinner cooperatives, canning, connecting to Community Supported Agriculture, and bringing local, organic food into schools has been the single most popular part of our green living education.
  • We’re setting the standard for green to make sure that green is always holistic and inclusive — and always means social and economic justice along with community and environmental health.

Next year, we’ll take back the food system with our biggest green living campaign ever — “Make it Local and Organic,” connecting every American to healthy, affordable, local, and organic food.


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