7 Ways to Spread Love, Not Hate

Submitted by greenamerica on February 6, 2017


  Cate Matthews, Aplus.com[/caption] The world sometimes feels really dark, especially when government actions feel more hateful than political, or when you see the effects of that hate ripple through your community. Some days are for rest and recharging, and other days are for action. You can fight hate with these 7 acts of love as often as you like, and nobody gets to vote against that.

  1. Print and post this welcome sign at your house of worship, community center, workplace, or school to express our common bonds to keep our communities safe from anti-immigration/isolationist sentiments, in three languages (Spanish, Arabic, and English).
  2. Find out what you can do to stand up for indigenous people and water rights as the fight for clean water and land rights continues in Standing Rock.
  3. Learn how your investing can help or hurt indigenous people’s access to clean water.
  4. Volunteer to make a difference at the community level. Volunteer Match can help you find opportunities based on your interest and abilities.
  5. Support food rescue efforts for families in need.
  6. Send someone directly impacted by the current administration’s anti-everything sentiment some love with More Love Letters or Love Brigade.
  7. Bring a smile to someone who's having hard time with an organic, fair trade chocolate bar.
Whether you take these actions or make them part of your routine, together we'll spread love and not hate.

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