Bad Samsung: Stop Using Child Labor

Submitted by aatkins on July 10, 2014

News broke last night that global electronics giant Samsung has once again been found to be using child labor in the production of its mobile phones.

China Labor Watch’s (CLW) report, Another Samsung Supplier Exploiting Child Labor, documented child labor and other abuses at Shinyang Electronic Co. Ltd. Shinyang is a South Korean-owned company, mainly producing the covers and other parts for Samsung cell phones. The report revealed that five children (under 16) were found to be working in this facility, as well as numerous minors (under 18). These young workers are subject to the same long hours as other workers, and compensated less. These children were also working the night shift, from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am, six to seven days a week.

This news adds to mounting concern regarding Samsung’s labor record. Last month the Washington Post shared that more than 200 former Samsung workers are suffering from grave illnesses, allegedly contracted while working in Samsung plants.

Samsung’s own sustainability reports make no-mention of these issues. It’s most recent report stated stated the company inspected working conditions at over 200 suppliers in 2013 and that “no instances of child labor were found.” The violations found in CLW’s report raise questions about the effectiveness of Samsung’s self-monitoring and the truth of its reports.

In response, Green America and China Labor watch have teamed up to launch a petition to Samsung’s CEO calling on the company to immediately cease abusive labor practices in its supplier factories.

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