Celebrate America Recycles Day!

Submitted by dpeacock on November 15, 2011

Happy America Recycles Day! On November 15th, communities across the country are celebrating protecting our planet through recycling. Every day of the year, Green America’s Better Paper Project helps publishers use recycled paper in place of environmentally-damaging virgin paper. In this short video, you can learn about Tricycle Magazine’s green journey towards sustainable publishing. After you watch the video spread the word that recycling and buying recycled products is an easy way you can keep our planet green!

Of course, Green America encourages recycling in every business and home every day, and we have great information on our website to help you with your recycling needs, including  21 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle.  Also Green America members just received their latest edition of the Green American which contains a great Q&A about recycling plastics.  Green America members also have full access to Ask Green America, which has dozens of Q&A’s on recycling (and hundreds of other topics).  We’re also updating our research on recycling in the airline industry (which we exposed as having a low rate of recycling overall), and will be issuing a follow-up to our popular report soon.  So please join Green America by recycling at home and helping us promoting recycling in the magazine, airline, and many other industries.

And, please share with us your recycling stories.  What did you learn that you could recycle?  What things do you wish you could recycle but you can’t?

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