#GreenFest Business Snapshot: JUST Designs

Submitted by dpeacock on September 21, 2013

Company Name: JUST Designs

Vests ($55) and bags ($30) are two big favorites.

Vests ($55) and bags ($30) are two big favorites.

Mission: We're a non-profit and in addition to paying the artisans a living wage, we have health, nutrition and finance programs in the villages we work with. We're also Fair Trade certified.


Hand-made bags ($30) in all colors.[/caption]

Bestseller: The hand-made bags ($30) are very popular.

Personal favorite: We love the vests ($55)! We love seeing traditional textiles meet modern designs.

Favorite thing about Green Festival: Personally, this is our first time at Green Festival. At other events, people will be surprised that we're charging $55 for a vest and will assume we're making a lot of money off sweatshop labor. No one has suggested that to us here -- people at Green Festival understand what Fair Trade is. They are willing to pay a little more to make sure the people who make their clothes are paid a living wage.

Find out more at justafairtrade.org

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