Millions Marched Against Monsanto

Submitted by skarimi on May 28, 2013

On Saturday May 25th, in more than 430 cities around the world, people came together to raise their voices against Monsanto and genetically  modified foods.

In this slideshow are just a few pictures from these demonstrations. You can find more in GMO Inside's Facebook album.

We'd love for you to add your own photos and to help us identify where all the GMO Insiders in this album were marching.

[gallery columns="1" type="slideshow" ids="2393,2388,2389,2390,2391,2392,2394,2395,2396,2398,2399"]

Our GMO Inside labels also made an appearance at the marches. You can download your own stickers here to label GMO's in your community.

Please add your own photos to our Global March Against Monsanto album.  Together we WILL change the food system.

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