Nominate a Green Gardening Business for Green America's People & Planet Award

Submitted by greenamerica on March 16, 2017


Green America’s People and Planet Award returns with a contest for businesses that help you go green with your gardening this spring. We need your help to find worthy businesses to consider; each winner will receive a $5,000 prize to support their business’s green mission.

By April 3, please nominate your favorite green gardening business to win. Your nomination must represent both social and environmental leadership in general, and must specifically provide goods or services that help urban, suburban, or rural gardeners grow their own food sustainably. Examples may include makers of gardening supplies, compost providers or facilitators, seed savers, gardening consultants, or any other business you can think of.

Certified members of our Green Business Network are pre-qualified for the award.

For inspiration, visit our online gallery of past People & Planet winners and finalists.  We will conduct an online vote among the finalists of the Spring 2017 contest beginning on May 1.  Thanks for helping us grow the green economy by nominating a business to win, and happy gardening this spring!

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