Organic Valley Becomes World’s First Billion-Dollar Organic Food Company

Submitted by greenamerica on February 23, 2016

Farmer-owned co-operative Organic Valley surpassed $1 billion in sales in December 2015, making it the first organic food company to reach this milestone.

Founded in 1988 by seven families in Wisconsin, Organic Valley has grown substantially over the years, now including 1,779 farmers in 34 states—and a Green Business Network Member since 1994. (Pictured: Organic Valley farmers.)

According to Sustainable Brands, “the company attributes a large part of its recent success to the introduction of two new product lines: In 2014, the company launched Organic Balance and Organic Fuel brand protein shakes; and in 2015 it launched Grassmilk premium yogurt, made with 100 percent grass-fed milk and no grain.”

Since non-GMO is inherently part of the organic standard, Organic Valley is also the world’s first billion dollar non-GMO food company. Consumer demand has put pressure on other food companies to provide organic and non-GMO options. USDA Certified Organic products prohibit GMOs and organic is the best standard to follow to avoid genetically engineered foods. Organic Valley has dedicated efforts to fighting against GMOs in our food supply since 1989, and CEO George Siemon was instrumental in crafting the USDA’s organic standards.

Earlier this month, Unilever (parent company of Hellmann’s) unveiled two new non-GMO products made with organic, non-GMO, eggless ingredients. In January, Campbell’s Soup Company pledged support for GMO labelling.

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