RSF Social Finance Launches Integrated Capital Fellowship

Submitted by greenamerica on March 15, 2017

RSF Social Finance, a Green Business Network member since 1999, just announced the launch of their new Integrated Capital Fellowship, a nine-month program designed to educate, support and connect financial activists.

Money can be a powerful tool for social change. The focus of this Fellowship is to support the growing field of operatives who know how to leverage capital in all its forms, towards long-term impact on issues or places. It's specialized knowledge needed to support the rapidly increasing number of people and families with more than enough money, who want to activate it to be a part of accelerating positive change in the world. The times demand more, and there is more than enough money to solve most all problems, if directed well. RSF Social Finance is seeking fellows with deep desire to effect positive change, want to learn and grow (both personally and professionally), have experience in finance (lending, investing or giving), and have the tenacity and pragmatism, combined with vision and values, to influence the flow of capital to support regenerative systems.

About the Fellowship:

Conscious investors and donors are hungry for a new way to engage with their money. We've seen this vision manifest as thousands of highly motivated wealth holders are activating the majority of their assets towards lasting well-being for society and the environment. A new clarity is emerging, one that recognizes that the stewardship of great sums of money includes a duty to the greater whole. This clarity has engendered an entirely new form of activism, one in which money is used creatively as a powerful tool to improve the world. “Integrated Capital” is the coordinated use of diverse forms of financial capital and non-financial capital to support enterprises and strategies that are addressing complex social and environmental problems. To leverage integrated capital, conscious investors need professional, values-aligned practitioners equipped with strong skills, tools and strategies. RSF's Integrated Capital Fellowship is a nine-month program centered around three in-person training intensives, access to one-on-one expert advisors, peer coaching, case studies, webinars, and independent study. Fellows will learn alongside a group of experts in the field to partner with principals to help them move capital in alignment with their values and vision. The curriculum focuses on long-term systemic change and covers the individual and collective work needed to transform our outdated economy, moving it from extraction to regeneration.

Curating Faculty/Facilitators:

Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds, Hollyhock, Author Marian Moore, Play BIG, Lead with Land, Coach Akaya Windwood, Rockwood Leadership Institute, Opportunity Collaboration

Core One-on-One Advisors:

Esther Park, Cienega Capital Birju Pandya, RSF Social Finance Dawn McGee, Goodworks Ventures

How To Apply:

The first intensive will be in October 2017 (outside Boston), the second will be in Feb. 2018 (in California), and the third will be in June 2018 (on Cortes Island). RSF will select 15-20 Fellows to participate in the 2017-2018 cohort of our Integrated Capital Fellowship. If you're interested, RSF is accepting applications through April 15.

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