Take Action for Resistance Summer: Week 1

Submitted by egreene on July 18, 2017

Earlier this summer, MoveOn.org launched the Resistance Summer, which was created to mobilize people around action and create tangible victories for environmental and social movements. We’re joining in with our Eight Weeks of Action series.

We want to harness the energy that people have for resistance this summer. Each week, we’ll give you seven actions you can take towards combating hate, protecting the environment, supporting green businesses, and holding corporations responsible. Some of these actions will be harder or more time consuming than others, but we think if you’re able to take action every day, or even a few days a week, you’ll know you’ve made an impact.

We’re moving forward, with or without Washington. Will you join us?

Day 1: Find out who your governor is, and save his or her phone number on your phone for future reference. Find out whether he/she has committed your state for standing for the goals of the Paris Agreement. If he/she hasn’t yet, give a call. If he/she has, send a note of thanks—a rarity in local government.

Day 2: Sign a petition: The cloud—the giant servers that store huge amounts of data for US and worldwide Internet users—is a huge consumer of dirty energy. Amazon is the world’s 8th largest retailer and consistently ranked number one or two for using the largest amount of cloud storage space. Ask Amazon to be more transparent about its vague clean-energy goals and aim higher to build a cleaner cloud

Day 3: Start thinking about a switch from a big bank to one that supports local communities, a clean environment, local and green businesses, and fair loans. You might be surprised by the banks that invest in coal, spend on politicians you don’t like, or don’t treat their customers right. Look up new banks here. 

Day 4The refrigerator is one of the biggest energy-users in your home, and if it was made before 1993, it’s a huge energy hog. No matter how old it is, clean the coils of your fridge, and mark your calendar to do the same every six months.

Day 5: Store your food correctly to reduce wasted food.

Day 6: Boycott businesses that support divisive rhetoric and xenophobic policies. Instead, support independent, local, and green businesses like those certified by Green America for their commitments to environmental sustainability and social justice.

Day 7: Donate your time and volunteer with a relevant organization. Find volunteer positions at volunteermatch.org. You can search by sector, including human rights, environment, community, immigrants/refugees, etc.

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